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Otafuku Beans

A skilled craftsman pickles three times

Since its establishment, Koedo Mameya has
been known for its otafuku beans.

Normally otafuku beans are pickled in honey
just once, but we pickle ours three times, which results in particularly rich
flavor. This process takes a week, which is way longer than the standard, and
only skilled craftsmen with a lot of experience can make the beans not to lose
their shape after such a long time.

Please enjoy our unrivaled beans made by
the most talented craftsmen.

  • Sweetened Roasted Barley

  • Sweetened Matcha

  • Sweetened White Sesame

  • Sweetened Kinako

Snack Beans

More than 100 types of flavors from all
times and seasons

Snack beans are a crispy wagashi that
completely overturns the conventional meaning of wagashi.

Our snack beans include soybeans, broad
beans, peas, peanuts and other beans with a variety of seasonings.

There are more than 100 types of flavors,
and new ones are developed every season.

In order to convey the appeal of beans to
as many people as possible, we have made this wagashi to be fun and
incorporated modern times through modern flavors.

  • Mayonnaise Beans

  • Curry Beans

  • Setouchi Lemon & Squid Beans

  • Ise Seaweed Beans


A simple part of a meal, rooted in tradition

Our deli products are nutritious and have a
rich flavor, but because we value the taste of the beans and the dashi stock, we
never use any chemical seasonings.

In order to ensure that our products are
eaten as fresh as possible, we prepare them at the location closest to our
customers – inside the store.

Bean dishes are dear and comforting to
every Japanese person and they are an integral part of Japanese food culture. Why
not try putting a bean dish on your table tomorrow?

  • Dashi & Soy Sauce Soy Beans

  • Kombu Beans

  • Japanese Red Peas Boiled in Salt

  • Pickled Chichibu Soybeans

Candied Beans

  • Candied White Beans

  • Candied Adzuki Beans

  • Cocoa Beans

  • Caramel Beans

Beans Sweets

  • Milky Kinako Beans

  • Milky Matcha Beans

  • Tofu & Black Sesame Beans

  • Mont Blanc Beans

Uncooked Beans

  • White Flower Beans

  • Black Flower Beans

  • Hitashi Beans

  • Japanese Red Peas


  • Black Bean Tea

  • Adzuki Tea

  • Sword Bean Tea


  • Chili Pepper with Black & White Sesame

  • Extra Spicy Chili Pepper

  • Chili Pepper with Yuzu